Reading progress update: I've read 50 out of 191 pages.

The Road to Puthukkad - The Birth of a Tea Estate in South India - Gordon Alexander

I am enjoying the story line and narrative of Gordon Alexander's book. The writing is descriptive and engaging, and I am curious to find out how this historical, yet fictional tale unfolds about the birth of the tea industry in India. This book slightly reminds me of The Ghost and the Darkness -- the notion of a foreigner being in a savage place and, with the help of the locals, trying to claim some part of it. Replace lions with elephants in the jungle. The Road to Puthukkad is both an entertaining and informative read. Excuse me, as I get back to turning pages...  


Okay, I've finished this book. Gordon Alexander's novel The Road to Puthukkad is a well-woven tale of history, industry, adventure and intrigue in the exotic setting of India. The story is informative and 3-dimensional, as well as entertaining. I applaud the writer's ability to integrate his own true-life experience into his fiction. The dialogue is more descriptive than narrative, but still manages to paint a vivid picture in the interpersonal situations and, for the reader, evokes the emotions felt by the characters. I would recommend Mr. Alexander's novel to those who are interested in travel and historical or creative non-fiction.