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Icarus and Other Poems by Pradeep Chaswal

Icarus and Other Poems - Pradeep Chaswal

I have found Icarus and Other Poems very thought-provoking. The core of these poems are clearly an observation of humanity, focusing on the most vulnerable. The images are vivid, and the poems address social issues. Mr. Chaswal has a sensitive, compassionate perspective, but under this thin layer is a brewing anger about the way things are. I also love the use of mythologies, such as Icarus, to embody the surpassing of human fears and embrace adventure and self-becoming. His poetry is a call for change, an important pursuit for all poetry

The Prayer by Stephan J. Myers

The Prayer: A haunting children's christmas tale that captures the true spirit of Christmas - J Myers,  Stephan

The Prayer is a simple children's rhyme, skillfully written with a much deeper message about the charity of human kind. The poem illuminates a reflection of ourselves and how fortunate many of us are to have the basic necessities in life. I enjoyed the poem, and was deeply moved by the underlying meaning: to not forget those who are sleeping on the streets, cold and lonely. I look forward to reading more works by this author.

The Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen

The Book of Longing is a compilation of poems and sketches from Leonard Cohen's 'earlier poet days' and written during his time in a Buddhist monastery. They are poems of reflection, observation and personal experience being a man. As always, Mr. Cohen's poetry is poignant, playful, tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating, brooding and enlightening. These poems are less lyrical, and closer to abstract musings, lending us glimpses or snapshots into his younger male life and comparing or lamenting his youth with his current, older self; longing for things spent, gone or lost. A few poems left me with a chuckle from the surprise ending:  an intimate proclamation, or something sexual. Honestly, my first thought was "Leonard Cohen is a dirty old man!" but it is far from the truth -- the truth is that he is a man and, of course, his younger self still exists in him. We all encompass a body memory, and hold tight to a moment in time that altered or awoke us. Leonards poems are a gift, a sharing of pieces of himself. We are fortunate to have him.


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The Road to Puthukkad - The Birth of a Tea Estate in South India - Gordon Alexander

I am enjoying the story line and narrative of Gordon Alexander's book. The writing is descriptive and engaging, and I am curious to find out how this historical, yet fictional tale unfolds about the birth of the tea industry in India. This book slightly reminds me of The Ghost and the Darkness -- the notion of a foreigner being in a savage place and, with the help of the locals, trying to claim some part of it. Replace lions with elephants in the jungle. The Road to Puthukkad is both an entertaining and informative read. Excuse me, as I get back to turning pages...  


Okay, I've finished this book. Gordon Alexander's novel The Road to Puthukkad is a well-woven tale of history, industry, adventure and intrigue in the exotic setting of India. The story is informative and 3-dimensional, as well as entertaining. I applaud the writer's ability to integrate his own true-life experience into his fiction. The dialogue is more descriptive than narrative, but still manages to paint a vivid picture in the interpersonal situations and, for the reader, evokes the emotions felt by the characters. I would recommend Mr. Alexander's novel to those who are interested in travel and historical or creative non-fiction.